This former patchwork  of pistachio, olive, almond and citrus groves is becoming the Valley’s best new place to call home. A brand-new community that celebrates the region’s wholesome values, adventuring spirit and rich farming heritage, Riverstone is dedicated to the cultivation of happy, healthy families. We’d love for you to join us.

There’s a nearby river
in your future.

As the Riverstone name implies, we enjoy proximity to a pristine stretch of the San Joaquin River. Ready for fun? Bring your water toys.

The water’s abundant
in these parts.

Despite the Valley’s water challenges, Riverstone enjoys a balanced supply of this precious natural resource.*

Get social at
The Lodge.

It pays homage to the land’s agrarian heritage, but in a fresh and contemporary way. Come discover our family-friendly community clubhouse.

Life on the farm?
It’s next door.

All things naturally grown and delicious are to be found in this haven for those attuned to farm-to-table wholesomeness.

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